I actually just got off the phone with you. But since it is past midnight my time, I will call this day 5. Chances are I will finish this post tomorrow morning or afternoon anyway.

So I was thinking of the fact that it is my turn to send you pictures.

(I was in the bathroom while we were having this conversation. Which means that, because of the echo, the whole house probably heard. From an outsider’s perspective [in this case, Jaymes and Iya’s], I can only imagine what they think when we say that we are exchanging pictures. But whatever.)

Every now and then I do make an effort to take one, but they don’t come out right for several reasons so the majority don’t make it to your inbox.

Poor lighting is an easy excuse. But really, the main reason is that I live in a household of six. It is very difficult to take a picture of yourself in private. Anyone could walk in at any given moment. And even if I were to do it when I was home alone… there’s no telling when someone would arrive back home.

Hence, I have a lot of paranoia about getting caught taking self-portraits. (You have no idea how nerve-wracking it was to take that – um – photo session that I emailed you last week-ish. I was legit checking the driveaway every three seconds.)

Okay, Iya has no problem with taking selfies in front of other people, but come on – she’s a bigger diva than I ever will be.

But, just for you, I will make more of an effort than usual to take a picture of myself tomorrow (technically today).


18 hours later…

Haha, Anja walked in on me while I was taking pictures on my Mac. Oops.


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Well now, it has actually been over 24 hours since I saw you. But I’m not changing my count. That will ruin my blog post titles.

I didn’t really have anything interesting to take photos of today with the exception of the Divas. They’re way too camera friendly for their own good. I guess I have to take the blame for Anja. Ever since she was a little baby I always took pictures of her. I think the majority of the pictures we have of Anja when she was an infant were taken by me.

I’m guessing all the pictures I have of when she was little are all either on the old Mac in the basement or in my mom’s external hard drive. But I did manage to find this one in my email account. Anja’s about 3 here, I think.

P.S. My mom highly approves of the idea of sending Anja a postcard, by the way. The little one loves getting mail.



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Mom to Anja: “Remember when chocolate coins used to come out of your ears?”
Anja: “Mhm, every time I pooped.”
Mom: “And peed in the toilet!”

Mom: “Dad has gotten really competitive ever since I got him into foursquare. He wants to beat all of us.”
Dad: “You can’t check into AC Moore when you’re only picking up Iya! You have to step in the store!”

Mom: “Wow, look at the moon!”
Me: “It looks so different here!”
Dad: “It’s an Amish moon…”
Mom: “You can’t take a picture of it.”

Good times.


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