But no, I’m not blogging about Justin Bieber. Anne told me it was alright to blog about “my feelings”, even if I said I’ll probably be embarrassed about this post and have a really strong urge to delete it fifteen minutes from now. So if you get a chance to read this, good for you.

Apparently, I am no longer satisfied being unattached. I’m at that point where I want some kind of companionship.

I don’t know why I’m stressing out so much on emotional baggage. What is going on with me? I miss being content. I miss being perfectly satisfied with what I had. I miss being perfectly happy with myself.

I don’t want to care so much. I am making a big deal out of everything.

This. Needs. To. Stop.


PS. This post was supposed to make me feel better. Not give me a massive headache. UGH.

PPS. Maybe I just need to go out and have some fun. Dance therapy? Alcohol therapy? aldjalidjfoaijsdfpije



Spontaneity is key to a great night. Tasha, Anne, Alex, Gina, & I went to a party in Williamsburg last night with really minimal details. It was at Acme in Brooklyn which is essentially an old warehouse turned studio and event space. We had no idea who was going to be there, what it was all about (other than the fact that I found out about it via @fuerzabrutanyc). We literally got the tickets 2 minutes before the sale closed.

What made this party different? It was definitely the people. Everyone was just so focused on having fun. No sleazy guys. Snowcones with a shot of rum. The cast of Fuerza Bruta. The really awesome DJs. The actual event space.

It’s kind of hard to go back to college parties after a night like that.

(It was only after we got back home and I was surfing the Internet that I found out that it was really a 4th anniversary celebration of Fuerza Bruta.)


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We had an epic feast this past Sunday at our dorm. Everyone was required to bring something, preferably to cook. I ended up making a dessert: cinnamon apple puff pastry with creme anglaise – a recipe that I learned last year in my culinary elective! I did not think it would take so long to cook, but when cooking for about a dozen people, it ends up taking a while. The creme anglaise I made on Saturday, which took about two hours to make two batches. The puff pastry took a while to make since I had to bake a dozen. With prep and cooking time, it took three hours. But you know what? All the effort was worth it because dinner was amazing.

Gold stars to Patrick & Kelly, the floor chefs, who made a wonderful turkey for us to feast on.

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