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Uncharted territory in Brooklyn is always tough. In my experience, I’ve only gone to the “nice” parts of the borough so it was quite an experience to get out of the L on Morgan Ave. in pretty much as what Eric described as the ghetto. Okay, so there wasn’t anyone there. No gangsters. But the walls were filled with graffiti. Warehouses, abandoned houses, and commercial buildings surrounded the area. No cute stores or restaurants.

What really disturbed me the most was probably the fact that there was no one around. A few cars here and there, but Claudia, Eric, and I ran into anyone the whole two blocks we walked to the party.

The party was actually a book launch for Intern Nation by Ross Perlin. Despite the fact that it was a book launch, it was barely about the books. We did get there a little late so maybe it was more of bookish nature during the early hours of the party. But when we were there, there was alcohol, smoking, and very very loud music. A hipster band whose name I cannot recall was playing some kind of electronica music (is it even categorized as such? I really don’t know but they used a lot of synth). The crowd was definitely diverse and eclectic and it was weird to see so many different people at one place.

It was overall an okay party, but it was an eye-opening experience.


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I have a new favorite place for dessert: momofoku milk bar.

After planning some places to go for dinner tonight with Moz, we started looking up the various momofoku restaurants. I’ve known about the milk bar for a while now, but I’ve never had a chance to go. After looking at menus for an hour, it became imperative that I go there last night.

With the company of Jack, Cindy, and Eric, we braved the cold and walked down to 13th St and 2nd Ave. The trip was worth it. I got to try their famous cereal milk soft serve which tasted a lot like the milk left over after you eat a bowl of cornflakes. For me, it could have been sweeter, but it was a very yummy experience nonetheless.

I got a compost cookie to go and it is fantastic. While typing away on this blog post, I am devouring said cookie (along with milk stolen from the community fridge; I sincerely hope it isn’t poisoned). The combination of potato chips, coffee, oats, pretzels, butterscotch and chocolate chips sounded like it could taste really disgusting or taste heavenly. Well, in this case, this is the best cookie I’ve ever had the chance of eating (Jacques Torres’s chocolate chip cookie may be a close second; we’ll have to go for a head-to-head competition to figure it out, I think).

I will be savoring every last bite of my cookie, but I may have to come back again tonight just for more.


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