1. Accomplished: Photoboothed at the Met.
    Oasis at the Met
  2. Accomplished: Watched my brother’s coronation as the next King of Siam.
  3. Realized: I don’t know what I want. (Please decide for me.)
  4. Accomplished: Partied tennis style.
  5. Realized: I am blogging again on Sectumsempra because I want attention.

I don’t care to elaborate. I’m not ready for that on the WWW.


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  1. Maintaining a reasonable sleep schedule. Sleep before 2 and up before 11.
  2. Lots and lots of free time… which means games and games on Neopets. 😛
  3. Reading outside. On the trampoline. Unless it’s raining.
  4. Cooking in a roachless kitchen.
  5. Peace and quiet without the little sister.
  6. Dishwasher! And siblings to boss around to do the chores.
  7. Well-stocked fridge. I like.
  8. No homework… not yet at least.


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Whoops. This is about a month overdue, but I finally edited it today. The song I used at the beginning and the end is “San Francisco” by Brett Dennen.

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