There are time where I feel extremely lazy – especially when it’s pouring outside. Despite the fact that I procrastinated the whole day yesterday (it’s just so easy when the weather is dreary), I managed to go across the East River with Heidi, Alby, and Stefan to the Bring to Light Festival in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The festival was supposed to start at six. But it was literally pouring outside. The walk from the L-train was very wet, but the closer we got to the event, the rain waned. Very few of the exhibits were set up when we got there so after a quick browse of the area (and a lot of silly pictures) we went for some tea and cookies at a nearby bakery, Cookie Road.

Maybe half an hour later, it was fully dark outside and the festival was in full swing.

Though I procrastinated all weekend long, I don’t really regret it. We did some awesome things this five-day weekend:

  1. N for Nepalese – except the restaurant was really Tibetan. This was fun even if we had a really large group that made it impossible to talk to another person at the other end of the table. This was also a highlight since it meant milk bar for dessert.
  2. Free USG Party at District 36 – The DJ was crap. And there are probably some parts of that night that I want to permanently erase from memory. But pregaming that night was just so crazy. Scrambling to find an open liquor store on a Wednesday night, only to fail. Giving in and reluctantly buying three giant bottles of Corona. … Only to sit on a stoop half a block away from the club.
  3. Girls’ Tea Time – While I love hanging out with the boys, there’s nothing like meeting up with just the girls and having tea at a cute restaurant. 🙂
  4. Dinner with Alex – and Heidi and Alby. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much at a dining hall. I feel a bit disgusting now that I think about how much food I consumed that night. But I couldn’t help it!

This has felt like a never-ending weekend. Too bad that it has to end with me scrambling to finish my homework. 🙁 On the bright side, it’s another five-day weekend for me next week!


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I’m usually a non-believer, but I believe in signs and fate. Things happen for a reason, right?

I was totally looking forward to this weekend because it really was the first time that all of us as a group went out. I had high expectations for just about everything.

I think the ultimate sign that things just weren’t supposed to be is my wish necklace. I was feeling so optimistic that night that I scribbled a wish and tucked it inside the little metal egg I wear around my neck. Funny how minutes after That Moment That Will Be Repressed, I reached for my necklace only to find the egg hanging open.

My wish was lost somewhere between my room and the dance floor. Guess that wish isn’t coming true after all.

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Be thankful for friends. And video chat. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever thrown clothes on so fast just to run down the hallway to catch the quickest (not) elevator upstairs.

It only took twenty-five minutes for me to be in a great mood. I was already resigned to a week of no communication. You must be psychic. Or maybe I just have really awesome friends who know how to stall you. Hah.

It sounds super gross, but I don’t think sweat looked any hotter on anyone else. Just saying.

My weekend plans just keep getting better and better.


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