A couple of days late, but I wanted to post all my pictures in chronological order. On Halloween, Tasha, Anne, Claudia, and I made a brave attempt to go to the Halloween Parade downtown. We left the dorms after the parade started, around seven, which turned out to be a bad idea. If we truly wanted to get good spots, we should have gotten there hours earlier. The place was a mob scene. At one point, the crowd we were in were packed in so tight that I could not move at all. I was literally sandwiched between people I did not know. It was insane.

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I’m a little behind on all my posts. The weekend wasn’t too particularly busy but I had to go home to New Jersey on Saturday so it felt a lot shorter than it usually did. On Friday night, the 8th floor gang kicked off the Halloween festivities by attending a party downtown. It was a lot different than the first party Anne, Arthur, and I attended at the Times Lounge since we knew almost everyone at this party. It was a lot of fun dressing up, but the weather was a bit too cold not to be wearing pants.


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