My winning (runner-up) contest entry for Love Never Dies contest at Random Buzzers. What character from a novel embodies the phrase love never dies:

Severus Snape, a professor in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, embodies the phrase, “Love Never Dies.” Snape had infiltrated the ranks of Lord Voldemort, the most feared wizard of all time, because of his undying love for Lily Potter. In hopes of preserving her memory, he helped Harry Potter for the next seventeen years of his life, despite the fact that Harry’s dad had tormented him throughout his childhood. Harry wasn’t his favorite person either, but Snape had saved his live many times. He became a double agent for Albus Dumbledore and gave knowledge to the Order of the Phoenix that was instrumental for the defeat of Voldemort. Severus Snape is one of literature’s biggest under dog. With his greasy hair and hooked nose, it was so easy to hate him. But after hearing that everything he did was for his unrequited love for Lily Potter, how could you not admire him? Despite Lily’s death, he did everything in his power to keep her only son alive.

To be honest, I did this all for fun. I’m a Potter fanatic but who knew that I would actually win a runner-up prize? Potter ftw!


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With Deathly Hallows Part II just around the corner, Jaymes and I are starting up a Harry Potter movie marathon at home. As much as I’d love to watch all seven movies straight through, internship prevents this from happening. And the fact that I only have three movies at a time from Netflix.

I sincerely hope we finish in time for the midnight premiere. I was very much looking forward to seeing all the movies all over again.

… Sorcerer’s Stone is waiting for me. Got to go!

Anyone else doing anything special to commemorate the arrival of the last film?


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Thanks to Iya and Serena!


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