I never knew watching Quidditch (for Muggles) would be so much fun in real life. I’m a huge Potter fan, but the idea of playing a flying and magical sport on land is, well, kind of nerdy. Nonetheless, Tasha, Jack, and I headed over 54th St and 11th Ave to watch some of the Quidditch World Cup.

Hunter has to get its own Quidditch team. Not that I would play – full contact, running intense sports are not my thing – but I would definitely cheer for our team. I can’t wait for next year’s World Cup!

I also used this event to try out the free camera I got from Macaulay. Not too bad, but the zoom is pretty limited. I found the buttons are hard to press and very annoying. The camera takes a while to turn on so I have to have it in my hand in order to get those spontaneous shots. The picture camera is great with natural lighting but with poor lighting / indoors, the quality is substantially poorer.


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I’m a little behind on all my posts. The weekend wasn’t too particularly busy but I had to go home to New Jersey on Saturday so it felt a lot shorter than it usually did. On Friday night, the 8th floor gang kicked off the Halloween festivities by attending a party downtown. It was a lot different than the first party Anne, Arthur, and I attended at the Times Lounge since we knew almost everyone at this party. It was a lot of fun dressing up, but the weather was a bit too cold not to be wearing pants.


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E is for English was held at A Salt & Battery in the West Village. Traditional English fish and chips. I thought it was pretty good, but others in the group didn’t enjoy it as much. For fish and chips, it was pretty expensive. Six dollars for a piece of fried pollock and four dollars for chips. But it is relatively cheap compared to our other ethnic food restaurants. The place was small, so it wasn’t good for a big group. Eventually, I would like to try other English food… maybe from Tea and Sympathy.


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