Be thankful for friends. And video chat. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever thrown clothes on so fast just to run down the hallway to catch the quickest (not) elevator upstairs.

It only took twenty-five minutes for me to be in a great mood. I was already resigned to a week of no communication. You must be psychic. Or maybe I just have really awesome friends who know how to stall you. Hah.

It sounds super gross, but I don’t think sweat looked any hotter on anyone else. Just saying.

My weekend plans just keep getting better and better.


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We had an epic feast this past Sunday at our dorm. Everyone was required to bring something, preferably to cook. I ended up making a dessert: cinnamon apple puff pastry with creme anglaise – a recipe that I learned last year in my culinary elective! I did not think it would take so long to cook, but when cooking for about a dozen people, it ends up taking a while. The creme anglaise I made on Saturday, which took about two hours to make two batches. The puff pastry took a while to make since I had to bake a dozen. With prep and cooking time, it took three hours. But you know what? All the effort was worth it because dinner was amazing.

Gold stars to Patrick & Kelly, the floor chefs, who made a wonderful turkey for us to feast on.

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