I just realized that I’ve been hoarding a lot of my photos recently. I’m about to get another roll of film developed, but I haven’t put up any pictures online. Here’s a few photos from the Holi Fest from several months ago.

The Holi Festival is a Hindu festival held to celebrate the coming of spring. Also known as the Festival of Colors, the celebration of Holi usually involves participants coloring each other with colored powder. Holi is primarily observed in countries such as India and Nepal, but the celebration has spread to other countries as well, including the United States.

This past year, I was invited to attend the Holi Fest in Brooklyn. The venue was out of the way, but it was worth the 2-hour long trek.


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Well it seems that the band Aqua has reinvented themselves. I didn’t know that they were back in the music scene… Well, to be really honest, I don’t really listen to their stuff other than Barbie Girl and Dr. Jones. I don’t even know if they made any music after that album. But this ad campaign that I found on the Fashionisto caught my eye. They’re going on a world tour? Wow, that’s news to me. I love the post-apocalyptic look. Reminds me of YA books. Hah.

I may actually look up their music now…


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And I absolutely love that Hanson made a tiny appearance in the video! <3


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