Two weekends ago, I left my Leica point-and-shoot film camera on the IKEA Ferry on the way to Red Hook. It took me four hours (basically on the way back to Manhattan) to realize it was even missing. Rodrigo said I had acted like it was “the end of the world”. I was more upset over the lost film than the actual camera itself (even though the camera also had sentimental value). I don’t care if I have to spend $100 for another camera exactly like it, but I didn’t know if I was ever going to get a chance to go to Machu Picchu again!

Needless to say, I developed that roll of film the very next day. Circle Line Lost & Found, thank you!!!

And of course, because I’m bad at shooting in film, this roll also includes other scenes from Autumn and Winter (Blizzard 2016!!!!).


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I started packing more than a week before my flight. I admit it; I’m a slow packer and I’m incapable of doing it all in one go. To make matters worse, I’m a very messy packer. (I”m so glad that you’re not here to see it because I think it would drive you crazy.) I like to make piles of things that I should pack, but for some reason or another they’re not ready for the suitcase yet. So I have piles of things all over the room. A pile of shoes, a pile of clothes on the bed, a pile of toiletries, etc.

Suitcase to PeruI’m also a very paranoid packer. I always have to write a list because I’m afraid that I’ll forget something. I’ve learned my lesson. After forgetting important things for a trip in the past, you tend to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Things that I have forgotten to pack in the past:

  1. Underwear – This experience had been mentally scarring. Scrubbing your underthings in the hotel bathroom sink is not my idea of a vacation.
  2. Journal – I usually never travel without a journal, but depending on our plans, I never usually find the time to write. One time, I decided to leave it at home. Big mistake. I regretted the decision so much. I ended up jotting down my thoughts on my Blackberry – which wasn’t convenient or fun.
  3. Scarf – I’m a bit prone to getting sick easily when there’s an abrupt weather change and I get chilly. The worst is getting sick in the middle of a trip.

Things that I usually never forget to pack:

  1. Books – Usually before I leave, I go through my bookshelf and pick out a stack of books to read. But now that I have an e-reader with a long battery life (for me, that means that I can read more than a book and a half in between charges), I don’t have to add 10 pounds to my luggage.
  2. Cowboy boots – My boots are super worn out and loved. They’ve traveled to the beach and to the woods. They’ve been to Asia and South America, with a brief stopover in Europe. It doesn’t matter what the weather will be like because I’ll bring them regardless.

The fuller my suitcase gets, the closer my flight feels. My big suitcase is almost ready to go. I’m just going to weigh how much it is right now and see if I can cram a few final things in it before I seal it off. My smaller suitcase is only halfway full, since I’m planning to dump most of my toiletries in there.

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